Technology Information

Disaster Prevention and Environmental Conservation

Landslide Protection Works
Landslide Prevention Pile

  • Re-vegetation Works
  • Temporary Anchor Works
  • River & Shore Embankment Protection
  • Slope Protection Works and Vegetation Works
  • Slope Protection
  • Landslide Protection Works
  • Rock Slope Failure Prevention
  • Anchoring
  • Retaining Walls
  • Structure Diagnosis
  • Landslide Protection Works Ground Anchor

  • Slope Protection Vegetation and Ground Anchor

  • Slope Protection Shotcrete Frame Works

Urban Regeneration

Landslide Protection Works
Landslide Prevention Pile

  • Ground Improvement
  • Piling
  • Reinforcement and Foundation Work Methods
  • Industrial Waste Recycling
  • Foundation Treatment of Waste Disposal Sites
  • Anchoring
  • Liquification Prevention Measure
  • Ground Improvement Chemical Grouting

  • Liquification Prevention Measure Expacker-N Method

  • Ground Improvement (shallow - middle Range)
    Mechanical Mixing (Power Blender Method)

Maintenance and Renovation

Slope Reinforcement (Shotcrete)
New-ReSP Method

  • Slope Reinforcement
  • Diagnosis and Investigation of Concrete Structures
  • Concrete Structure Upgrade
  • Rock Slope Diagnosis
  • Reinforcement of Existing Structures
  • Repairing and Structural Improvement
  • Bridge Maintenance
    Floor Slab Repairing

  • Structural Improvement of Tunnel Back-filling Injection

  • Structural Improvement of Revetment Slope Back-filling Injection (Parfait Grout method)


Pipe Jacking

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Consultants
  • Grouting
  • Survey, Geological Survey and Design
  • Shield, Pipe Jacking
  • Applied Engineering
  • Shield Tunneling

  • Highway Project Excavation, Slope Protection, Road Work

  • Dam Consolidation Grouting